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We want our customers to get the most out of their space and their budget. That’s why we have provided free professional design services from the first day we opened. Our design studio is located in Gainesville, FL. We have a staffed group of diverse and talented professionals, who all bring a wealth of skill and experience, and are alongside our Senior Designers. Before any of our design staff ever works directly with a customer, we make sure committed to helping our customers get the project of their dreams. Designers receive extensive in-house design and product training, and practical experience learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver outstanding quality, value and design service for an exceptional customer experience. Quality you can trust. Our cabinetry, built to the highest standards, is supported with a lifetime limited warranty. Unbeatable value. Through online sales and factory-direct pricing on high-quality cabinets we provide outstanding value.

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Do you make custom cabinets?

Yes, we have more than 25 years of experience with designing, building, and installing custom cabinets. Please set up an appointment for more information. In that appointment you will receive one free quote.

Do you sell assemble and install RTA cabinets?

Yes, we provide this service. If you would like to purchase them RTA, we also sell them. Please go to our cabinets section to choose the door style and forward us an email with your choice.

Do you supply the hardware?

Yes, we do sell the hardware please check out our hardware section to choose the hardware of your choice and email us your selection with the quantity you would like at info@petradesigninc.com

What is LVP flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Plank, or LVP for your flooring. It replicates the grain patterns of laminate flooring and yet can be a much better performing floor under typical conditions in that it is not made of wood or wood products.

Do you need an underlayment for vinyl plank flooring?

Most of these vinyl floors can be installed right on the sub-floor. If you have any areas on a concrete sub-floor that may accumulate water or moisture, it is recommended to use a vapor barrier underlayment

Is vinyl plank flooring good for pets?

Yes,that’s partly why vinyl has soared in popularity. The other reason is that luxury vinyl, especially in the form of planks or tiles that mimic wood or stone, offers incredible design versatility. To be sure your vinyl floor can withstand pet nails or urine.

Can I install Art Floor Luxury Vinyl Plank directly on top of concrete, or plywood subfloor or do I need an underlayment?

Yes you absolutely can. An underlayment is more often necessary when the flooring is going to be exposed to high moisture, such as in outdoor use.

Does Art Floor Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring need to be glued down?

Gluing down Art Floor Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is completely optional. It is designed to be a floating floor. But you can definitely glue it down if it is going to be a very high-traffic area.

Is it easy to install Art Floor Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring?

While it does require physical work, it is a fairly easy DIY project. You just have to make sure that you leave a ¼ inch of space from the wall to the ends of the flooring. This allows space for the natural expansion and construction of all the materials your house is made of.

Any tips for installing Art Floor Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring?

Make sure that you leave a ¼ inch of space from the wall to the ends of the flooring. Be sure that the subfloor is flat and level as well.

How do you cut Art Floor Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

You can score it with a utility knife, cut it with a circular saw, or miter saw! Just make sure you use safety goggles for all of these methods.

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